Why An Masters In Computer Science In Usa Is Beneficial Compared To An M.tech From India

Why pursue Masters in Computer Science in USA: The United States has 168 universities in the world’s top 500, 17 of which are in the top 20. The United Nations assigned an Education Index of 99.9 to the United States, ranking it number 1 in the world. One of the most impressive facts is the large number of presidents, prime ministers and leaders from other countries who have experienced the American education system and graduated from a university in the USA. The U.S. is one of the world’s most ethnically and socially diverse nations. Graduating from an accredited American university and being exposed to the rigors of the American education system is an investment in your future.

USA is the birthplace of technology: Technology has progressed at an accelerated rate in the United States. It is the birthplace of technology. Back in the 50s the first hard disk was used in the year 1956. Later in the year 1958, computer modem was introduced. Companies like IBM and Apple Computer developed personal computers while Microsoft created operating systems and office productivity software to run on them. With the growth of information on the World Wide Web, search companies like Yahoo! and Google developed technologies to sort and rank web pages based on relevance. Most of these companies have their headquarters in the US giving birth to the Silicon Valley.

Students pursuing masters in computer science in US acquire range of skills: Students pursuing MS in the US acquire range of skills within a short span of time such as
Knowledge of key computer science concepts, techniques and algorithms
An understanding of the workings and the API (Application Programming Interface) of modern computer systems including database systems
Skills in programming and software development
Expertise in the chosen area of Computer Science
Research skills and experiences that can be applied in any endeavour.

Students who want to pursue masters in computer science in US have opportunity to learn various things besides programming: Students have the opportunity to study from top
Computer Science Universities in USA and develop applications in diverse applied areas such as:
Computer Security
Robotics and Computer Vision
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Mobile and Embedded Systems
Intelligent Systems
Computer Games
Distributed Systems and Web Development
Computer Graphics
and many similar cutting edge specialties from best universities in USA for computer science

Choosing right Computer Science Universities in USA for studying masters in CS in the USA is very important: Once you are done with giving your GRE/GMAT/TOEFL tests, the next things you must look forward to be choosing the right and top ranking US University to take admission in. GRE scores are required for admissions to most colleges in U.S.A. Apply to 5-8 universities. You could keep a few schools above your range, a few within your range and a few “safe options”. You might get some rejects- Do not feel disappointed. At our institute we provide guidance to our students from the very start i.e. from coaching for the entrance test to applying for the US F1 Visa.

Duration of pursuing Masters of computer science in USA: Each year, over 200,000 students earn a masters degree of which at least around 30,000 are Indians. This makes the
masters in computer science in US the most frequently awarded graduate degree in the US. Students typically spend between two and three years studying to earn a masters degree. However it is possible to earn some degrees in just one year. In general, masters degrees require that you complete six to eight advanced courses, in addition to an intensive study project and/or a thesis (a long paper based on independent scholarly research). Some graduate programs offer internships that provide a chance to work in your specific field of study with the sole purpose of gaining knowledge and experience.

Most graduates get a job soon after completing their Masters in computer Science in USA: Most graduates with Masters of computer Science in USA degree secure a job within three months of graduating. Furthermore, graduates either commence at a higher level than they would have, or are soon promoted. Employers recognize, and studies show, that professionals with a Masters degree on average perform better at work than their counterparts.

How Computers Have Revolutionized Our World

The world has been completely changed by the advent of personal computers. This is because they have radically transformed the way the world lives, works and conducts business. Computers actually arrived on the scene back in the 1930s and were the brainchild of one Konrad Zuse who produced what was then called the Z1 computer. While this was a giant innovation, this was far from the sophisticated machines that we have today.
That computer laid the groundwork for further research by others. In 1944, two men named John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry from Iowa University produced several innovations of the computer based on Zuse’s model. It was capable of producing simple to moderately complex arithmetic calculations and small but simple computing tasks.
Harvard University, then took it a notch higher and partnered with IBM, the business conglomerate in 1953 to produce what was then the world’s first sophisticated computer. Even then, computers were still gigantic and occupied huge spaces and used a lot of power.
The world as we know it today has been completely changed by computers. They now sit in almost every office space in most major cities of the world. It is hard to imagine business as we know it today without computers. Work would be grossly inefficient and cumbersome. Take for example calculations. It would not be possible for companies which hold a lot of material and inventory to process orders efficiently without computer power.
Computers have also made a giant impact in the field of communication. With the advent of the Internet, the World Wide Web or Information Superhighway, the world has become smaller and has even been referred to as a global village. Phrases such as “global market place” have also been coined to signify how computers have been able to link the world.
We mentioned communications and how computers have made a giant impact in this realm. Messages can now be sent and received via email instantaneously from one end of the globe to the other. This has almost rendered the regular snail mail obsolete. Then there are chat rooms, Instant Messaging and Video Messaging which have transformed the way people meet and interact across the globe.
All this has been made possible by computers connected to the Internet via wireless and wired networks. Large firms such as Microsoft, Yahoo and Google have contributed to this by running sophisticated web applications that have made it possible to chat in real time with someone on the other side of the globe. This has completely changed the way we conduct meetings and even run classrooms and training.
Businesses have benefitted tremendously owing to the advent computers. Companies can even open virtual branches in other countries without necessarily being there physically. Banks can even run on the Internet without possessing actual premises. Such has been the impact of computers to modern life. Sometimes they also have their own disadvantages in that some people accuse them of causing some to be thoroughly anti-social. It is also easy for some to develop multiple identities online to mask their true selves.

Use Keylogger Software to Monitor All Computer Activity

Keylogger software offers one of the most effective ways of monitoring those who are using your computer. It can be almost as effective as standing over the shoulder of whoever is logged in on your PC. REFOG Keylogger provides the complete computer surveillance solution in the form of keylogger software for Windows. It’s ideal for monitoring the safety of children online or for monitoring anyone else. Especially useful for monitoring kids, keylogger software allows you to know exactly what’s going on when you’re away from the computer. In this day and age, when there are many dangers on the Internet, proper monitoring of children online is more important than ever.

Many family computers do not have any computer surveillance software installed on them, thus allowing children to have unrestricted and unmonitored access to the Internet and other inappropriate content on the computer. It’s essential for parents to realise the dangers of the World Wide Web and get parental controls in use. However, parental controls by themselves are not really enough. There are also a lot of things that they don’t block. While you should always have these parental controls in place, it’s also important for parents to monitor their children online as well. This is exactly where keylogger software like REFOG Keylogger comes in very handy. It records keystrokes and takes screenshots, allowing you to see websites visited, chat messages and emails typed as well as a complete visual history of the computer’s usage. All of this data is recorded to log files for you to view later on.

Keylogger software is not only useful as a way to keep children in check, however. Keylogger software is suitable for monitoring anyone else logged in on your computer, such as teenagers, spouses or members of staff in the work place. Keylogger software provides you with everything that you need to effectively monitor the activities which take place on your computer when you’re not actually looking on the screen.

REFOG Keylogger uses minimal system resources and it runs completely invisibly in the background. No one other than you, the owner of the computer, needs to know that it’s running. This is what makes REFOG Keylogger a great way to catch out a cheating spouse as well, since you will be able to read any inappropriate chat messages or emails sent to a member of the opposite sex. The keylogger software requires absolutely no interaction on your part and, once you have installed and configured it, you can leave it running unattended for as long as you like. All you need to do is sit back and receive the log files.

There are many keylogger programs in the world of computer surveillance, so it can sometimes be hard to choose which one to go for. REFOG Keylogger provides a number of features that most other solutions don’t have, such as the ability to automatically take screenshots at specified intervals. It is also a user-friendly solution which requires absolutely no special knowledge or irritating learning curves. The program works flawlessly and discretely. You can purchase and download the program or try out a trial version today by visiting refog.com.