Computer Locks Secure Your Work Place From Vandals Besides Giving You Peace Of Mind

Computer theft is more than an inconvenience; let alone the cost you paid for the computer, you have configured the system to suit your requirements and the way you like it, you also have important souvenirs stored on the hard drive, so theft of the laptop can be hard on nerves.

To safeguard the laptop computers from theft can be quite a challenge; these are expensive stuff bundled into a portable system and so can disappear if you should not be alert or protect it otherwise.

In places like schools or universities there is problem from vandals besides computer thieves. While there are detention rules for vandals, it is still not deterring the rule breakers whod go on a spree of destructing computers, drives, printers, and other equipment in the school districts. US alone invests several thousands of dollars every year for computer and laptop vandals at schools and universities.

However, instead of investing on the repair, why not invest in the prevention?

Protective software programs secure proprietary information and data. But it is a physical computer lock that can physically secure a laptop or computer from physically being lifted. Portable computer locks and secured laptop carts could well be good computer security solution for schools.

The computer locks and laptop carts these days are available from many makers and let you attach the computer/s to immovable or fixed objects in the labs or anywhere – so they can be secured in place.

Computer locks are many types:
Laptop Locks
Cable Locks
Notebook locks
Monitor locks
Custom locks (for Apple iMacs, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Compaq brand laptops, etc) And, should a school be equipped with the laptop carts they can 100% prevent laptop thefts besides damage to the computer labs.
The laptop carts for computer labs can be chosen depending on some considerations.
Material of the laptop carts: Steel is considered to be the best as well as 100% vandal-proof material.
The size of the laptop carts vary depending on number of laptops you may want to secure. Besides, the dimensions of carts depend on that of laptops too.
The carts with recharge facility serve double purpose.
Additionally, wheeled laptop carts are quite handy for portable class rooms and for easy moving.Whether it is computer locks or laptop carts, your due diligence is needed. Always check if the company provides good post sales support or not and if they give replacement warranty on the products. Besides, learn if the company offers special price for big and repeat orders.

Interesting Facts About Ebay

ebay! If you havent heard the word in your life, then you might want to check your pulse. Here are 8 interesting facts about Ebay one of the virtual worlds leading giants.

1. Ebay maintains four copies of most of its databases.
Talk about redundancy. Its nice to know theyve got our back when we use Ebay. Good reason for us to do the same for ourselves. My 7 gig hard drive is nearly full. What would happen if it suddenly stopped working? Without a backup I would be sunk.

2. On an average, experiences down-time related issues for about 50 seconds each day.
Considering its size, thats certainly not bad news.

3. There are nearly 1 billion page views of Ebay per day.
If only my site could reflect that volume. Can you say Adsense Cha Ching!

4. Ebay users exchange nearly $1,700 worth of goods every second.
Im not sure how this recession we are in affects those numbers. It would seem that the totals might be down, but Ive heard that the online economy is still booming unlike many parts of the real world today.

5. Today, Ebay boasts around 600 million listings, as well as, 204 million registered users.
Given that those who join Ebay become members, this fact demonstrates how powerful a membership related website can really be.

6. The real world acts as a load-balancing engine for the virtual world of Ebay. When Europe is the most active the US is asleep; and vice versa.

7. Europe is the 2nd largest regional user of Ebay.
Can you guess who the largest user of Ebay would be?

8. 10 terabytes of new storage are added to Ebay every week to cover new transactions that are being made.
And to think that in yesteryear a highly technical guru stated that there would never be a need for more than 12 personal computers across the entire US.
So next time you are enjoying a dinner party, remember to bring up these facts about Ebay. They are certain to lead to some interesting discussions.