How To Find A Computer Repairman

Reliability is a number one requirement nowdays with our computers. At one time it was virtually impossible to envisage a computer in every home. Technology has moved ahead very quickly and what was once an idea in somebody’s mind has developed into something that we really cannot do without.

It was in 1975 the young man named Bill Gates started with a vision of a computer on every desk and in every home. 35 years ago there was no such thing as a personal computer that you could buy unless of course you could build it yourself.

Today the computer is a corporate and social tool that we cannot do without. When something goes wrong with your computer, what do you do to get it repaired?.

To be honest I’m not sure whether living in a big city or a small town is a major benefit either way. In a little town you have a probability to get to be aware of the local inhabitants and hence you may well know the person who will fix your computer yet in a big municipality you will have far more choice and plausibly a superior chance of sourcing a substantially qualified person.

Well thereby hangs another question how do you know if somebody is qualified? Of course the answer is that unless you know the person personally then you have no experience of their work and you will never really know if they are any good. So how do you decide the best way to fix that broken computer that you have just suddenly decided he is the most important thing in your life now it’s not working.

Interestingly, at this point you need a way to find somebody who repairs computers. When searching for a repairer, the only option open to you in the past was the telephone directory. More recently it has become easier and more common to “Google” the search but you cannot do that at the moment, your computer is not working. Of course you may be fortunate enough to own a mobile phone that will enable you to search the web site that would make life much easier.

My primary recommendation to you nonetheless would be to research this issue before your computer breaks down and then you be familiar with who to ring.

When looking for someone to repair your computer do not be frightened to ask for qualifications and experience. How many years has the party you are entertaining been in business and if you research the web can you find bad testimonials about the business? This is how you can put together a number of three or four buisnesses to ring for a quotation when something goes wrong. Remember it’s your money they are taking so you have every right to ask if they can do the job.

So now when something goes wrong you have someone to call and get a quote. Every company/person you have listed should be contacted, a quote requested and a comparison of the quotes done. One important thing to look for here is is the quote is on a fixed price basis or open ended. If you are capable, make sure you comprehend before the work starts accurately how much the chore is going to cost and a comprehensive account of the work to be carried out. This means that once the task is done you can compare the results with the original quote and be certain that all is well. It also means that comparing the quotes is much easier as you can relate the value of the quote to the detailed work.

It is important to note here that your computer is not working and therefore you may not be able to complete work if it is a business computer or socialise if it’s at home. Thus it is important that you realise how long the process is going to take to end and even how long it will take to get a quotation.

Now here is a clever tip. If you can find a computer repair person who will firstly quote to come to you and check the computer and then provide you with a second quote for the repairs on the spot, and then hopefully fix the computer on the spot, you are well ahead of the game.

Warning! Do not under any circumstances give up front for either the visitation or the repairs. No matter what the technician says, do not pay this way.

Finally there are a few things to look for once the work is done.

If the work involves the induction of new hardware make certain that all the drivers are installed. Even if the work required is the installation of a new operating system, ensure that the appropriate drivers for the new operating system are installed.

When the work is finished a good computer repair individual will enlighten you if there are any extra problems with your computer that are beyond the work that they have completed and propose to quote you on fixing these issues. A decision can then be made as to whether ou need to order these repairs.

One of the things that a good company will constantly remind you of is the necessity to back up your files. Before a repairman is given your computer ensure you have backed up all your files. It is a general complaint that once repairs have been carried out, the hard drive has been reformatted, and irreplaceable information has been deleted. This could be company work, family photos or copies of essential documents like birth certificates.

Another thing you have to be careful of is a repair company that he insists on adding extra programs and software. Again this is where the initial detailed quote is important. Check your quote to ensure that no programs were mentioned for installation. Insist unwanted programs installed be removed. There are a lot of programs made to benefit you and increase performance but quite often they require monitoring and you may have neither the time nor expertise nor the desire to want to keep an eye on the program.

One important point. If you find a really good repair man who gives value for money, efficient and punctual service and does all this with a smile do not let him go.

I hope these points will help you to find a qualified and competent computer fixer in your local area.