Do the Capabilities of your Commercial Cleaning Company Meet your Needs

Hiring a commercial cleaning company for your office is the best way to ensure that the areas where your employees work and your customers visit for presentations and meetings is neat, clean, and professional. Whether you need someone for routine cleaning or occasional deep cleaning of offices or specialized areas, you should select the right company based on their experience. If your company has a medical lab, a clean room, industrial equipment, or other special needs, you need professionals who know how to clean the area without disturbing your specialized equipment. In the case that your company has an in-house maintenance staff to handle some regular cleaning duties, you also want a cleaning company that is flexible enough to pick up the slack and perform deep cleaning when needed.

Does the Commercial Cleaning Company Offer Office Cleaning Services?

In an office, a commercial cleaning crew concerns themselves with six main areas: the floor, surface, restrooms, upholstery, trash, and kitchen. They will make sure that your floors are swept, vacuumed, and for hard floors mopped and polished on a regular basis. They will also make sure that services such as windowsills, desktops, office equipment, conference tables, wood chairs, and other office furniture are free of dust that can make the area seem uncared-for and provoke allergies. The cleaning crew will also clean and deodorize bathrooms, while refilling supplies, and keep other areas such as kitchens and lunchrooms clean and sanitary, too. They will also handle trash removal from offices and other designated areas. When hiring a general cleaning company, your concern is that they are licensed and bonded and use experienced, thorough workers who do the job with pride.

Do They Have Experience with Special Needs Cleaning

For companies with labs and other specialized facilities, a commercial cleaning crew takes care of all the regular aspects of office cleaning, but must exercise special care due to the expensive precision equipment there. In addition, the crew must observe any special procedures.

For example, when cleaning medical facilities, the crew must be even more fastidious in cleaning and sanitizing to fight cross-contamination and avoid any toxic chemicals. As a result, a crew cleaning a medical facility might do the job with hospital strength chemicals that are green, vacuums with high-quality HEPA filtration systems, and frequently changed microfiber cloths. Employees of the commercial cleaning company have extra training to ensure cleanup of blood that is safe for them and for patients and in compliance with OSHA disease prevention regulations.

Other types of industries have their own special needs that pose challenges for commercial cleaning companies. Most industries, whether you are talking about automotive dealerships, banks, daycare and preschools, or computer labs, may have OSHA regulations or industry best practices that the cleaning company needs to follow. In hiring cleaning professionals for your specific type of facility, you need a company with specialized experience in the industry that is familiar with these requirements and who will meticulously follow your instructions for what must be clean.

Will They Schedule Occasional Deep Cleaning?

Whether you have a commercial cleaning company or an internal maintenance staff to handle regular cleaning, you may need to hire professionals to handle major projects such as floor stripping and waxing, window cleaning, or upholstery and carpet cleaning. Many firms that handle routine cleaning can also schedule these additional services for you to make sure that your facility is both surface clean and deep clean.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company that can meet the range of needs you have will keep you satisfied and your work space safe and clean.