Computer Tips – How To Delate Internet History

One important feature of the computer is the Internet history feature, which enables users to retrace the websites they have visited previously. Sometimes it may be important for the user to be able to go back to the previously visited sites and the links are still in the history feature.

However, as the user continues to surf the internet, the history will just pile up until eventually it slows the performance of the computer and makes it sluggish. Therefore knowing how to delete internet history is useful to free up some space on your computer and continue to enjoy a trouble free computing experience with a faster and more effective computer.

Deleting internet history is not difficult to do. Anyone can learn how but first having a key board will be important with Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer.

With all these key elements present, then just double click on the Internet Explorer icon. This is usually present in the start menus of the computer. When you have opened the internet explorer icon look for the tools option and click it. This is usually found on the top left hand of the computer screen. Then a selection of applications will appear in a column. This is where you look for the internet options menu and clicking it will open up a dialog box. Internet explorer 7 and earlier versions will have similar features. From there in the dialog box just click on delete browsing history.

There is a section named browsing history commonly found at the middle part of the column box that appears. Look for the delete button, click it and it will start clearing the history of your visited sites, once that is done, and the rest of options appears. Explorer 7 users will have a dialog box that has several options to choose from what to erase.

To makes sure that all the past visited websites are deleted, it is important to click the button labeled Delete History. A dialog box usually appears after that to double confirm whether you are sure that you wish to delete the history of visited websites. When you click yes, the computer starts deleting and of which you may have to wait a few minutes, depending on the volume of files that has accumulated in your computer. Obviously, with bigger files, you may have to wait longer. Finally, when it is done just click on the close button and then select the Ok and you can exit. Clearing up the files and deleting them will free up a lot of processing space that can let your computer run more efficiently. In addition, as you delete the internet history in your computer, deleting of the temporary internet files is possible. The more files you delete, the more space you will clear up. This is especially for files that is no longer needed and serves no purpose in your computer.
Deleting files clears up space on Your computer.

Just remember to save your favorite websites or passwords when you use this feature.