Connecting The New Computer To My Server

The server is the computer that will handle the requests for applications, data and also other network services from the other computers that are called as the clients. A relationship between the personal computer and also the server is frequently referred to as the client-server. The advantage of having the server is that the multiple computers may access the similar network and also resources trough the server. You can configure your network settings of the new computer in order to connect to the server. Here is more information for you.

For the first step, you need to configure your security settings of a router by defining your security protocols as good as the IP addresses that you will use by your network. After that, access a graphical-user interface of the router in order to configure your network settings trough the URL supplied in the user manual of the router.

For the second step, you can connect the Ethernet cable to your WAN port of your router and also the other end to a server. The indicator light on your router may illuminate in indicating that the server will be detected.

For the next step, click the “Start” from a system tray that is located at the bottom of a screen on your server. After that, click “My Computer” from an application and also settings menu.

After that, define the resources that will be accessible by the new computer. After that, right click your hard drive and then choose “Sharing and Security” option. Check the “Share this folder” from your network options therefore the computer may access a content of a hard drive on your server.

It is important for you to click the “Start” from a system tray that is located at the bottom of the screen. Click the “Control Panel” from an application and also settings menu. After that, click “Performance and Maintenance” option. Then, click the “System” and click “Computer Name” tab. After that, enter the computer name in order to identify your network.

Click the “Network Connections” from a Control Panel window. After that, right click “Local Area Connection” and also click the “Properties.” Then, enter all IP address for the internal network. The address of the server normally ends in the number one and also looks similar to

You need to connect the Ethernet cable in order to open the WAN port of your router and also the other end to the computer. The indicator light on your router may illuminate in indicating your server is detected.

After that, click the “Start” from your system tray that is located at the bottom of the screen. Click the “Control Panel” from an application and also settings menu. Then, click “Performance and Maintenance” option. Click the “System” and also click “Computer Name” tab. After that, enter your computer name that has applied to the server in previous step.

For the last step, you should restart a server, a router and also the computer. The connection can be activated between the computer and the server.

Rising Antivirus 2010 Free Edition v23.00 Removal – Methods to Help You to Remove Rising Antivirus

Although Rising Antivirus 2010 Free Edition v23.00 has been known as one of the pioneers in the field of security programs for personal computer systems, you may still be unhappy with it for some reason and want to remove Rising Antivirus 2010 Free Edition v23.00 from your computer now. Alternatively, a major problem or troubleshooting issue on your computer might require you to uninstall Rising Antivirus 2010 Free Edition v23.00 program. Whatever the reason for your dissatisfaction, what you need now is to completely get rid of Rising Antivirus 2010 Free Edition v23.00 from your computer. >

Basically speaking, you’ve got two options to achieve the Rising Antivirus 2010 Free Edition v23.00 removal here. You can either remove Rising Antivirus 2010 Free Edition v23.00 yourself from your PC or you can do it by some kind of software. Let’s take a look at both choices respectively.

Uninstall Rising Antivirus 2010 Free Edition v23.00 by Yourself

In order to delete Rising Antivirus 2010 Free Edition v23.00 by yourself, generally you have to do 3 things as below:

1. You need to get rid of Rising Antivirus 2010 Free Edition v23.00 with Windows uninstall tool by going to Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, highlighting Rising Antivirus 2010 Free Edition v23.00 and hit Uninstall.

2. You’ve got to scan your drives. Open C drive and find the following relative files and delete them:

C:Program FilesNetwork AssociatesCommon Framework
C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataNetwork Associates

3. You’ve got to go into the registry to uninstall any leftover files by clicking Start, Run, filling in regedit in the blank, and then removing the 3 files below:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEM Current Control SetServicesMcAfee Framework
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARENetwork AssociatesePolicy Orchestrator

4. Reboot your computer to complete the Rising Antivirus 2010 Free Edition v23.00 removal process.

5. You’ve got to go into your registry to uninstall any left over files.

When doing this, you will notice how time and energy consuming it is. What’s more, it is also more risky to remove Rising Antivirus 2010 Free Edition v23.00 manually because if a wrong file is deleted, it is likely that you will cause deadly damage to your computer which costs you more time and money to repair.

So let’s have a look at the second choices.

Remove Rising Antivirus 2010 Free Edition v23.00 by a useful and reputation-gained uninstaller

It’s highly recommended to use an uninstaller so you can avoid wasting lots of time or damaging your computer which can cost you a lot of money too.

It is highly recommended to use a Rising Antivirus 2010 Free Edition v23.00 removal tool to avoid wasting your time and causing serious damages to your computer. A great uninstall program can uninstall Rising Antivirus 2010 Free Edition v23.00 in a fastest and safest way. How? Why not visit this tool: Best Uninstall Tool.

How To Prevent Files From Being Deleted And How To Deal With Deleted Files

There have been several situations with computers and laptops where files and folders have accidentally been deleted either by you or a family member, or perhaps, someone just randomly messing around on your PC. However, there are other causes of files being erased, like those that we have no control of whatsoever, meaning, they just have to happen naturally. Here are a few of the many causes of data loss:

1. Computer viruses. This is a common problem among several PCs viruses. Sometimes, even if users have an antivirus software installed into their PC, it still may not be automatic in checking and getting rid of viruses, that, they end up accumulating in your computers system. This unfortunately results in the crashing of a computer, therefore, forcing you to lose some of your documents, pictures, music, videos and others, especially those that have been detected with a virus.

2. Natural disasters. These include floods, earthquakes, heavy rain, thunder, lightning and more, which usually always result in the same thing: loss of electricity. You could be using your computer when these natural disasters happen, that, when the electricity suddenly goes off, it is most likely that you will have lost a few of your files, especially if you have been working on a certain document. Another result is your computer having a system failure due to the power breakdown as well. It is common for PCs to have system failures and once these happen, sometimes, you wont be able to have your PC restored, that you end up losing everything.

3. Accidental deletion. This is the most embarrassing, yet the most common cause of data loss. A lot of people have frequently made mistakes, not knowing that they have erased an important file.

If you have had some important documents erased and would like to know how to get them back, here are a few tips on how to deal with the problem:

1. You can recover deleted files by purchasing and using data recovery programs. There are several data recovery software available online, or, in computer stores in malls.

2. Another way you can recover deleted files is by opening the Recycle Bin folder in your PC and checking if the documents you lost are there. If your file is there, you can easily restore it by right clicking on the document and clicking Restore. Or, if you want to restore everything in the Recycle Bin, then, you have the option to do so. If you look at the top of the window of the Recycle Bin, you should be able to find the words Restore All Items. Click that and you can restore everything in the Recycle Bin and it will automatically place everything in the Recycle Bin back to the folders it was saved in.

How to prevent data loss:

1. Store your important documents and other files on the D: drive of your computer. Every PC should have this drive. Whats good about this drive, is that, no matter what happens to your laptop or computer, as long as you have this particular drive, computer experts and repairmen can obtain the information you have stored and saved on the D: drive. Therefore, you basically havent lost any important data.

2. Buy an external hard drive. These may be costly, but, at least, you wont have to worry about losing any important documents. Every time you have an important file, make a copy of it immediately on your external hard drive.

3. Purchase a reputable antivirus software and make sure you constantly make good use of it.

Mytechgurus Computer Checkup To Improve Security And Performance Of Your Pc

Using MyTechGurus PC Checkup is just like having someone who has the full know-how to enrich the performance of your computer on just a call. It analyzes the performance of your computer and then gives you a detailed health report. Subsequently, our cutting-edge tool clean, secure and optimize your computer. MyTechGurus Computer Checkup was planned to help you enhance your computers performance elementarily and user-friendly. It also safeguards your files and secures your privacy online. Our software optimize your PC by removing unwanted files, fixing its registry, and defragmenting hard drive- automatically functioning round the clock to enrich the performance of your computer and secure it across. Try our service now and give a boost to the health of your computer. Read on to know about our service in detail:

Disk Cleaners and Optimizers

When you remove files and applications from your system, all sorts of junk are cluttered behind. MyTechGurus Computer Checkup locates the junk, removes it up, and defragments the hard drive to release disk space and better the performance of your computer.

Registry Fix

Is your computer functioning peculiarly? Has its speed deteriorated? Are you looking for a quick fix to restore its performance? With our tool, we can discover and eliminate broken and missing registries, which can create performance issues in your computer. Registry issue is something that you never want to fix yourself because of its complexity.


Our service also protects your data and offers the current security status of your antivirus, firewall, antispyware and Windows Update Software, informs you if your computer is protected from malicious programs. Our computer Checkup service is not only to boost up the performance of your computer, but it also has file encryption tools in order to keep your data safe and secure.

Privacy Protection

There are people who do not bother about their privacy being compromised and they wake up until some tragedy occurs. Our softwareeliminates hidden privacy traces from the browsing history and removes useless information from the accessed documents recently. File Encryptor locks sensitive files and do not allow any unauthorised access, and the File Shredder eliminates folders and files permanently.

Memory Optimization

Our memory optimizer tool determines the memory consumption of your system, and then optimizes its memory usage.More memory available on your computer and better will be the performance of your PC.

Why you cant ignore the significance of activity monitoring software

If we talk in context of present scenario, then we may find that today almost every organization across the globe are making use of desktop activity monitoring software to carry out effective computer activity monitoring. In fact, many of them are using this activity monitoring software to observe and catch their employees red-handed whenever they pose a threat to the security of the organization. The best thing is that these activity monitor software has facilitated the administrators in keeping a proper check at all-inclusive activities. It has actually allowed many individuals and business entities monitor the activities that are performed on a specific computer or a group of computers.

The most striking aspect of such activity monitoring software is it can be setup in a fraction of few minutes to monitor one computer or a group of computers. Once you are able to set up, you are always in position to monitor entire internet and desktop activities performed at the target computers. The tool is devised in such a manner that it also helps you monitor every single ingoing and outgoing email and instant message. Perhaps, today it wont be wrong to state that the activity monitoring software can actually be very helpful in managing your employee and their time as well.

However, despite of providing so many benefits the usage of activity monitoring software has always been the most debatable subject. There are many who still consider it as an obstacle that hampers the employees liberty. But, the problem is if you provide your employees with tool much of freedom to work on all kinds of websites, the chances are quite high that you are bound to come across circumstances of transfer of sensitive organizational data. In such issues, blaming the managers or team leads for the information loss is of no use.

Today, employee management can be considered as a task related to risk management and so it is very important for you as a Managing Director be responsible for enforcing monitoring policies in an organization. But, you may not always be able to keep an eye on every employee. This is where activity monitoring software can be very handy and so it is very hard to ignore its importance completely. Employee Desktop Live Viewer is one such activity monitoring software that can help you in monitoring and logging all the emails sent and received by users of your computer. The key highlight of this utility is its ability of taking snapshots of employee desktop at set intervals of time that facilitates you to visually notice and make out what sort of activity is taking place in real-time.

Perhaps, this is one such activity monitoring software that facilitates you to monitor as many computers from its Viewer and perform stealth computer monitoring. It provides the real-time monitoring scenario and allows you to perform administrative tasks remotely on target computers being monitored such as the shutting-down of the computer, restart it, lock it, logoff, start the screensaver or even remove the wallpaper. It also allows you to record the User activities and save to .AVI files. Definitely, the tool is quite helpful and could play the key role in making the essential adjustments in workflow (if any) for greater productivity.